AM Software

Who are we?

AM SOFTWARE is a small software house,
possibly the smallest such company in existence on the "NET" ;-)

What do we do?

AM SOFTWARE is primarily involved in consulting for Information technology issues. Undertaking projects encompassing all aspects of "Software Engineering". Ranging from design through to final programming of bespoke software programs as required by our clients. We are also involved in developing tools and routines to allow software to overcome problems arising from the Hardware utilised by our clients. Our experience working with the Internet also allows us to offer the design and creation of HTML pages at low price. We can additionally offer competitive contracts and pricing for remote assistance and tele-software.

What systems do
we work on?

Currently we focus on systems based upon INTEL processors.
Most of the software we have produced is based upon an MSDOS operating environment, primarily due to this being the main requirement of our existing clients. We are, however, able to develop software for other operating systems, including WINDOWS 3.1, WINDOWS 95 and UNIX.

Where are we?

The AM SOFTWARE is based in Pisa (Italy), our current client base being evenly distributed troughtout the Italian mainland.

Our Resources:

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How to meet us:

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