Messagge from Antonio Massimo Fragomeni at

I've created this guestbook 4 you !!!
Please, leave any comment you have about
these pages !! :-)

Look also my "Little Prince" Collection
Help me to "complete" it ;-) !!!

Antonio can also be reached at:

Friday, January 16, 1998 - 09:20:05 :
Messagge from Mena at beva[at]

Thank you for sharing Le Petit Prince on our own little planet...

Tuesday, January 20, 1998 - 07:58:23 :
Messagge from Sergey Vasyuk at UkrSerg[at]

i am really surprized that there are so many people who are not blindhearted, and it makes me happy.I love the phylosophy of the prince.But why is everything really
beautiful always sad?

Sergey Vasyuk can also be reached at: sorry, no page

Thursday, January 22, 1998 - 16:52:38 :
Messagge from Roberta Cisi at gcisi[at]

Antonio,la tua pagina e' BELLISSIMA!!!!

Monday, Febraury 23, 1998 - 15:11:27 :
Messagge from Ann S. at

I just read the Little Prince for the first time. Such an amazing story. I find myself looking at the sky now and wondering if the sheep has eaten the Prince's rose.

Friday, March 13, 1998 - 03:22:24 :
Messagge from tracy at moniker[at]

What I like best about "The Little Prince" is imagining how Saint-Exupery came up with the idea of how one would just simply move their chair forward a few inches to view the sunset for a longer period of time. I imagine for him all he had to do for the same effect is to fly his plane over the clouds and he could view it for a longer period of time than anyone else on the ground. I suppose that is a corny thought but it is a good enough insentive to fly if you ask me. This is my very favorite book and has been for years. I give it or read it to the people who matter most to me. I also like to find four leaf clovers and give them away. I have miraculously have been able to find a four leaf clover for almost every person in my life. No matter where I go I know destiny brought me there if I find a four leaf clover. Good things happen me not because I find luck in a clover but because I see so much more. It is enough to see God and magic somewhere where others only see coinsidence or a mutant in nature for me to be happy. I wish others could see what I see in life. I'm glad to see that there must be more people like me.

Friday, March 13, 1998 - 09:17:55 :
Messagge from Mark Potocnjak at mark[at]

Dear friend,

i was really upsaid when i heard that your page was removed becouse french publisher asked to to remove pages due to copyright violation. Book is copyright of Gallimard, but Exupery's ideas and quotes are property OF ALL OF THE READERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, his ideas and toughts do not belong to anyone. Hey peoples free your mind As Exupery said (pleae do not ask me to remove this too): "I know of one freedom and it is the freedom of the mind"

Mark Potocnjak can also be reached at:

Sunday, March 15, 1998 - 08:09:14 :
Messagge from Anna at me_02[at]

I'm doing a project on "The Little Prince", but is having a hard time finding any information on it except pages and chapters of the any ideas?

Sunday, March 22, 1998 - 20:18:54 :
Messagge from DIO WONG at ( ICQ# 9660436 )


Wednesday, March 25, 1998 - 09:38:30 :
Messagge from Margaretha de Vries (Holland) at[at]

Dear Antonio,

I am very sad that Gallimard ORDERED you to erase IMMEDIATELY those pages to avoid any juridical problem....
Really, I can understand them, but on the other hand, you can borrow the book in every libery and I have never seen your site but, if you say it was not commercial, I believe you....
Le Petit Prince is one of my favorite books. I study French. I have a wonderfull edition of the book. Everytime when I'm feeling sad, or confused, or just when I can't sleep, I take the book and look at the beautiful pictures, read some lines, or the hole book again and again. It's so beautiful....!!!!
Everybody has lots of dreams.
We come with a paquet of dreams,
I think, when we are 20 years old.
I think that it's very important to
make those dreams reality.
Don't dream, follow those dreams,
Live !!!
This is a fragment of the famous
singer/songwriter Jacques Brel
Antonio, I wiss you all the luck in
the word. Follow your dreams and
make them reality. Look for you

Margaretha de Vries (Holland) can also be reached at:

Wednesday, March 25, 1998 - 14:47:16 :
Messagge from Anonymous User at

ahh, kisses. i love the book as well. i am so sorry that they made you remove them.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998 - 20:57:33 :
Messagge from Veronica at VDevoreaux[at]

I am new to this web site, but I very much enjoyed this page and am happy to see so much interest in "The Little Prince". It is very unfair that did not let you keep your pages and graphics up...I would have liked to have seen that. =(

Thursday, March 26, 1998 - 14:37:08 :
Messagge from Tiffany Wang at yawenw[at]

Sorry they don't let u keep the pages. And regret I didn't have the chane to read through ur pages.

Sunday, March 29, 1998 - 19:03:38 :
Messagge from Greg at mavuhrik99[at]

Gallimard = grownups.
Lawyers = grownups at their worst.

It's no surprise.

Read the book again, Gallimard, don't just sell it! St-Ex is pissed!

Tuesday, March 31, 1998 - 00:58:42 :
Messagge from SJO at topos[at]

What a shame that you had to take down your very charming
and beautiful pages on a very beautiful book and spirit.
Perhaps we could offer the lawyers title to a few thousand
stars and nebula in exchange for the "right" to share our
hearts and loves with one another on the "free" Net?

Much thanks for your past efforts and best wishes for
your future dreams and works.


Monday, April 6, 1998 - 15:23:41 :
Messagge from Kenneth Cheng at kentkc[at]

I love this book very much and is disappointed about erasing this site

Wednesday, April 8, 1998 - 03:46:34 :
Messagge from Alice Knight at drift[at]

I think it is shocking that the gallimard ordered you to erase your pages on the Little Prince.
I hope that you have more luck later, I am sure it would have been a very useful site to visit (i am studying Saint-Exupery for my Yr 12 French Folio (major assignment)).
Oh well, copy right laws stink.
From a concerned Little Prince lover.

Alice Knight can also be reached at: none

Thursday, April 9, 1998 - 06:49:11 :
Messagge from run mak at hong8wei[at]

i can find the little prince here, but i still want to say think you.

Monday, April 13, 1998 - 22:55:54 :
Messagge from l'urs at urs[at]

Honesty doesn't always pay....if they were gonna sue u, thy'd be doing nothing else 'cause the web is

Wednesday, April 15, 1998 - 18:56:39 :
Messagge from Mariska at guus[at]

I'm sorry to hear that your page about the little prince had to be removed.
I haven't seen it, but the reactions in your guestbook tell me that i've mist a lot.
I hope that the company will come back at their descision.
If you come back with your page, please contact me.

Good luck!

Mariska can also be reached at: none

Friday, April 17, 1998 - 06:28:04 :
Messagge from mike woo at mikeomega[at]

hello there

first of all let me congratulate you for having such
a beautiful site that bring together lovers of the little
prince. i came across this book about 10 years ago and
i have read it so many times since. it never fails to
lift up my spirits and i fully agreed with the comment that
"there are few books that could change your life and this is one of
them". i have shared it with others and have became much better
friends with those who understood what the book stands for. some
could not grasp the complexity beyond its simplicty and i have
always felt that it is a pity. and so it seems that this lawyer
acting for the french publishers, he is so alike the businessman
or the geographer in the little prince, so single minded.
if so many more people come to know of this book thru your site
and go out to buy the book, isnt that good for them? but then
perhaps i am begining to think like them too.

even tho segments have beem removed from your site, it is still
a beautiful site that lovers of the little prince could come
and shared their feelings and thoughts. keep up the good work.


mike woo

Friday, April 24, 1998 - 00:36:08 :
Messagge from Sarah Ludlow at Goldcard81[at]

I love this novel and i am sadden that a "businessman" is handling such an inspiring books affairs.

Tuesday, April 28, 1998 - 01:22:34 :
Messagge from Monica at montienigh[at]

To all "petit prince" lovers-
Always let the true spirit of the inner child reign.
The petit prince continues to live on in all of us despite the wonders of the legal world.
An injustice to society when they have the right to erase something like that from the world.
However, they can never take Saint-Exupéry off the shelves.
Long live and love the petit prince!
Thanks Antonio for bringing us all together:)
"Je n'ai alors rien su comprendre! J'aurais dû la juger sure les actes et non sur les mots. ell m'embaumait et m'éclairait. Je n'aurais jamais dû m'enfuir! J'aurais dû deviner sa tendresse derrière ses pauvres ruses. Les fleurs son si contradictoires! Mais j'étais trop jeune pour savoir l'aimer."

Wednesday, April 29, 1998 - 12:17:16 :
Messagge from Alessandra Bettati at ale[at]

I didn't think there was so many Little Prince's lovers...
Thanks for your page, it's really pretty. I'm sorry too there's
no more the book on the web...
it's a bad day I really feel like reading it! I'll have to wait
until this evening, when I'll be home to re-read it!

Thursday, May 7, 1998 - 16:16:25 :
Messagge from Arthur Marcelo at fuji967199[at]hotmail

I do feel for you and wish there was something you could do. Hopefully, maybe if you wish hard enough with your heart, perhaps the little prince may visit you to help you.

Arthur Marcelo can also be reached at: n/.a

Thursday, May 7, 1998 - 17:07:56 :
Messagge from Jessica at DillGal333[at]

Bonjour! J'aime beaucoup d'histoire du notre ami, le Petit Prince. Vive l'asteoride B-612! Au Revoir!

Jessica can also be reached at:

Tuesday, May 12, 1998 - 09:41:15 :
Messagge from Barbara Taskó at

I'am Barbara from Hungary. I collection the differentes versions of "The little prince". You have a version?
Write me plase in english or french.

Friday, May 15, 1998 - 12:51:26 :
Messagge from Maj-Britt Vibe Eriksen at 97yme[at]

I just want you to know that I´m danish, and you are soooo cool.
love Angela

Monday, May 18, 1998 - 17:22:26 :
Messagge from Kaisa Mustonen at kaisamust[at]

Definitely the best book I´ve ever read!!!
All the Little Prince lovers , send me e-mail!

Monday, June 22, 1998 - 16:35:40 :
Messagge from Jennifer at Tigre512[at]

I love The Little Prince too! It is my favorite book in the whole wide world. I'm sorry that the grown-ups made you take down your page. They don't always know what's best. I feel bad that I've never seen your page, but maybe in the future, you can create a new one. Good luck!

Monday, June 22, 1998 - 20:03:23 :
Messagge from Wayne Lund at waynelund[at]

"L' essential est invisible poup les yeux." Galliamard must not have a heart to see with. I have The Little Prince displayed on my homepage, and to my dismay, only one visitor has remarked on his presence...but the one who did,
became my friend. Greetings and best wishes from Hickory, North Carolina!

Wayne Lund can also be reached at:

Sunday, June 28, 1998 - 21:27:08 :
Messagge from Alberto da Luzzogno at delenda[at]

Peccato che ci sia tanta arroganza e così poca sensibilità fra chi fa del "Piccolo Principe" un proprio vanto (solo commerciale).
Non ho potuto vedere le tue pagine perchè sono già state rimosse; ho visto le tue mail e la risposta della Gallimard.
Pazienza! Il posto ideale dove troveremo sempre il "nostro" è uno solo, inviolabile ed irraggiungibile da copyright, codici e leggi sui diritti.... il cuore di ognuno di noi, tanto fortunato da riuscire ogni tanto a ricordarsi "come si fa ad essere bambino".
P.S. esiste un bel CD -proposto alcuni mesi fa da "L'Unità" con la storia del Piccolo Principe e la voce narrante di Fabio Concato. Se non ne eri a conoscenza, cercalo perchè merita di essere ascoltato.
Ciao - Alberto.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998 - 03:55:35 :
Messagge from Katrina Gill at kgill01[at]

Hello my name is Kat, I am a theatre and media student in Bathurst(near Sydney) Australia. I wish I could have seen your pages because I love this book and also because at the moment I'm devising an performance based on the Little Prince. My friend an I will be putting this show on in November 98 in a quarry near our university. Any ideas or suggestions...? We will be using puppetry and soundscapes as well as actors to tell this beautiful story. Thanks for your page, bye.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998 - 04:00:19 :
Messagge from katrina gill at kgill01[at]

I wish I could have seen your pages! I am a theatre and media student in Bathurst (near Sydney) My friend and I are devising a performance of the Little Prince which we will put on in a quarry near our University. Any ideas or suggestions would be fantastic...thanks!

Thursday, July 2, 1998 - 20:20:14 :
Messagge from I.J. at eijaylum[at]

I cannot understand why people in the world aren't allowed to get
nice stuff about the Little Prince on their own homepage.
The Little Prince is every body's historic legacy in the world.
Why are the people prevented from enjoying the masterpiece?
I cannot understand.
They have no right to protect people's access to the Little Prince.
I got so angry with their unfair action.

Friday, July 3, 1998 - 04:56:45 :
Messagge from r4me4 at r4me4[at]

Il est bien gênant que je n'aie pas vu votre page sur Le Petit Prince. Ce livre m'amuse beaucoup et je continue à le lire et relire . . . . Il est incontestable que la réponse de Gallimard soit comparable à ce que St.Exupéry parle dans son livre: que 'les grandes personnes ne comprennent pas.' Je me demande alors: ont-ils lu ce livre? Tout de même, ce sont eux qui protègent ce livre. Ce sont eux qui décident. Quel dommage . . . j'espère que tout ira bien, pourtant. Bonne chance Antonio.

Monday, July 6, 1998 - 04:19:18 :
Messagge from Max at MaxyLoti[at]Aol.Com

Ahhh It is such a shame , that they wont let you keep the page , I do belive that it can only ring more people closer to the book and in such a way insure profit for that company .But Big business is never been kind to people and what can I say , I`m so glad that you did try and have Prince on the page. Little Prince is Great ! I hope you will have more luck in the future. Truly Yours . MAx.

Thursday, July 9, 1998 - 11:05:20 :
Messagge from Anonymous User at

Tuesday, July 14, 1998 - 11:29:16 :
Messagge from Sian Kitten at si-an[at]

My favorite character is the fox.
It is a shame that there are no pictures of my friend.
I respect your reason for removing them.
Adults you'd have thought knew better.
oh well!
Thankyou anyway.

Sian Kitten can also be reached at: none

Wednesday, July 15, 1998 - 17:20:52 :
Messagge from Ironelly at imora[at]

I love the little prince so much I had him tatood on my body. It's so reassuring to see him there. I miss him terribly and know that one day he'll return to the Sahara.

Friday, July 17, 1998 - 12:04:00 :
Messagge from Barbara Taskó at taskob[at]

Hello, Little Prince Lovers!
I'am Barbara from Hungary.
I collection the differentes versions of "The little prince".
Would you like to change with me, or help to me?
Write me plase in english or french

Friday, July 17, 1998 - 18:20:25 :
Messagge from marco ebertoldi at marcodebertoldi[at]hotmail

mi dspiace che qualcuno che ami unparticolare soggetto venga osteggiato in questa maniera

Friday, July 24, 1998 - 19:14:30 :
Messagge from Alessio Farcomeni at axelio[at]

J'aime bien les couchers de soleil. Allons voir un coucher de soleil...

Alessio Farcomeni can also be reached at:

Friday, August 7, 1998 - 14:49:30 :
Messagge from Falut Charles (Montpellier/France) at servus[at]

Voici mon secret. Il est très simple : on ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'eesentiel est invisible pour les yeux.
Gallimard go home !
Good luck!

Thursday, August 20, 1998 - 08:51:58 :
Messagge from Alex G. Pamir at pamirale[at]

I feel very sorry about what happend to your page.
I think you thought that asking permission for your page was an ethical behaviour and write to the company.
But I think you now faced the truth behind the motives of the people who dominate this world we live in.
They have bought our little prince, and now they don't even show him to us. This must be an action against human rights.
I think I have the right to see and read about a novel which is considered one of the masterpieces of the human literature.
And the writer of the novel no longer needs the money.
Before I see this page and read your story, I was against the notion of private property.
And now I see that even our little prince has become a commodity, a good which is being bought and sold.
If Saint Exupery had known this, he would become sorry too.

The reason I came to your site was that my girlfriend had seen your site and loved it very much, but she lost the address and wanted me to find the page.
But when I came to your site and read what happened I was demoralized.

Alex G. Pamir can also be reached at:

Friday, August 21, 1998 - 03:19:57 :
Messagge from Seth at

The little prince is a deeply profound and moving book, the absolute BEST!
I really enjoyed it.

Monday, August 31, 1998 - 03:26:11 :
Messagge from D simpson at WHISPPPER

I have an original copy of "The Little Prince"
I was wondering if anyone knew the value?
My children and I have enjoyed this beautiful story many times. I just recently came accross the original.

Sunday, September 6, 1998 - 03:44:37 :
Messagge from Michelle at baby_taz114[at]

i like your webpage.......u r right about the little prince. i have a book of the little prince.i also tried to save it but i can't so.....if it's alright with u can u pl send it to me thnx. :)

Sunday, September 6, 1998 - 04:58:57 :
Messagge from Patricia B. Miranda at rinoa_heartily[at]

Mabuhay Antonio, (mabuhay means hello in the Philippines)
I would like to congratulate you on your very, very fine work. Wait it is NOT fine but BRILLIANT! Keep up the wonderful work! The Little Prince is the best book I've ever read! No Kiddin'

Sunday, September 13, 1998 - 16:26:52 :
Messagge from Susanne at

Je cherchais quelques informations sur le petit prince et j'´etais tellement heureuse d'avoir remarque que nous gardons ensembles des belles souvenirs sur cette petit histoire...
Quelle bonne idee avec ce "guestbook"! Je vais revenir de temps en temps pour le relire.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998 - 00:53:05 :
Messagge from Sarah at smartineau[at]

Je suis allée sur ton site en cherchant "Le Petit Prince", et j'étais très triste quand j'ai appris que l'on t'a forcé à supprimer ta page. Ces mechants hommes doivent quitter leur planète de businessman,,, et aller retrouver leurs âmes d'anfant !!!

Sarah can also be reached at:

Wednesday, September 16, 1998 - 00:54:18 :
Messagge from Dominique at

Hi, I'm sorry about what happened to your website!!
I love your upside down smiley faces. At first when I read the little prince I didn't get but thanks to people like you I understand it alot more. As I try and research this on the web alot of people are having to erase there web sites, don't feel bad!!!

Saturday, September 19, 1998 - 02:46:36 :
Messagge from Jennifer Cox at cox[at]

I have taught Le Petit Prince for 10 years now to high school
students and am always amazed at how they love the book and
add to my understanding of it. J.A.Cox, Nashville, Tennessee USA

Monday, September 21, 1998 - 14:37:37 :
Messagge from Fernand Raynaud at

Gallimard, you are mean spirited, and you are wrong. The quoting of parts of a work of literature for non-commercial purposes benefits everyone, and is even recognized as such under USA Copyright laws. Every day photocopies of parts of books are made in all the schools and universities. If your interpretation were fully enforced, nobody could even discuss, teach, or learn about literature. I should add that I know very well that your own practices in paying royalties to authors do not match the zeal you show in attempting to protect your rights. This is a most disingenuous stance. You are old and dishonest accountants, you do not understand new technology, or its benefits, and so you apply medieval criteria. You depend entirely on the good will of people both to buy your books, and to respect your copyrights (in a real sense, not as applied here in a partial quote for non-profit). You can rest assured that your stupid and unfriendly stance in this case has been noted, and that you have lost far more than you have gained. You have given me an idea. I myself promise to make at least 10 copies of Le Petit Prince on a color copier, on nice paper, and have them bound by hand, with a note about the reason, as Christmas presents this year. In fact, this is an excellent idea that more people should hear about. You see, good will is very important. Color copiers and printers have gotten good and inexpensive enough that this is a practical alternative to putting money in your pockets. The Saint Exupery estate wouldn't see a centime from you anyway. I will check back on this web site before I run the copies, and if you change your minds, so will I.

Saturday, October 10, 1998 - 20:04:20 :
Messagge from Patrice PIOLA at patrice.PIOLA[at]

How can anyone say that such generous words belong to a sole Company... and not to the world to whom it was given so many years ago. It seems that the interests of Gallimard are far beyond culture and tolerance, though they often pretend otherwise. We now have a taste of their real concerns. (A French looking for the Little Prince in the Internet, we I tought he'd be travelling forever)

Sunday, October 11, 1998 - 14:23:17 :
Messagge from Eva Susanne Rastl at weberndorfer[at]

Hello to all "Petit Prince" lovers.

The "Little Prince novel" is the best book I´ve ever read. He shows us what is important in life. And so I think it´s very, very sad that there are businessmen who do not permit to publish this site. I´am very sad that I didn´t found this site a few months before. I´am sure I would have loved it. If someone reads my comment who has a summery in french I would be very glad if he or she could tell me. My adress is weberndorfer[at] - I need an Interpretetion in french for a school report. Thank you very much. Let the Little Prince live in all of use. Make the world a better place. Lots of nice greetings EVA

Tuesday, October 20, 1998 - 21:38:12 :
Messagge from Cindy at Brknwish22[at]

I was very upset to see that once again another web page about the little prince has been forced to digress. This whole matter is really unfair to all who love and live by that book!! The only thing I have to say to the company who did this is," We may not totally understand WHY you are doing this, but we do understand that ADULTS are like that sometimes..."

Sunday, October 25, 1998 - 21:12:18 :
Messagge from Laura at vitcop[at]

Antonio: can you send me some of your impresions about "The little Prince".
My name is Laura and I am making a job for my university about this book. I love this book but i am in terrible problems because i have to analise it and I don't have material enough.
If you can send me any impresion or material about Saint Exupery 's book, I will apriciatte.
Thank you in advance.
Hoop you write me soon.


Friday, October 30, 1998 - 01:44:12 :
Messagge from Carla Frontini at cyrus[at]

Non sò perche questo è succeso. Sono Argentina ed ho voluto trovare qual web scritta in italiano giacchè conosco la lingua, e in spagnolo non c`é niente.

Friday, October 30, 1998 - 13:53:51 :
Messagge from a little prince lover at

Please don't be annoyed by Gall... , there's only
' adult thoughts' in his mind!!!

Thursday, November 12, 1998 - 13:27:12 :
Messagge from BARBERA ANTONIO at


Friday, November 13, 1998 - 06:25:24 :
Messagge from P[at]du at


Je m'excuse mais ce sera en français. Je suis triste de la réaction
d'un éditeur comme Gallimard en ce qui concerne le Petit Prince. :-(
Pourquoi démotiver des gens qui désire faire connaître une oeuvre majeur.
Ces arguments commerciaux et de droit d'auteur me révolte.
Je vais écrire à Gillimard ma façon de penser.

Monday, November 16, 1998 - 12:33:04 :
Messagge from giordana at giordi26[at]

Ai grandi bisogna spiegare sempre tutto, bisogna essere pazienti.
A voi, amanti del Piccolo Principe, non spiegherò perchè a 34 anni suonati continuo a leggere il Piccolo Principe e a commuovermi

Friday, November 20, 1998 - 12:11:14 :
Messagge from Remco Leine at remco[at]

I was very pleased to dicover that there is a
webpage about Le Petit Prince.
I think it is really typical for this world that you
had to erase them.
Let's hope that the publisher has a heart...

Friday, November 20, 1998 - 18:49:53 :
Messagge from ADILSON AISAKA at aisaka[at]

Realmente chega a ser revoltante a falta de sensibilidade dos editores... talvez algum dia eles leiam o livro e realmente sintam o seu sentido/ mensagem... Nao vamos desanimar. Parabens pela pagina, clara e esclarecedora das circunstancias...

Saturday, November 21, 1998 - 17:47:34 :
Messagge from little chop at mverga[at]

gli uomini d'affari non si smentiscono, mai.
sarebbe troppo bello sapere che il piccolo principe è edito da una società che ha capito lo spirito della favola.
amo giordana che ama il piccolo principe forse visiterà questo sito e forse troverà traccia di me e forse capirà quanto l'amo.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998 - 02:09:12 :
Messagge from Maurizio D'Antonio at maudanto[at]

Ciao, sono capitato in questo tuo sito per rintracciare delle notizie riguardanti la pubblicazione su cd-rom della favola del Piccolo Principe. Mi hanno parlato di un sito dove si può ordinare questo cd interattivo. Ne sai qualcosa?
Sono molto dispiaciuto di come la tua passione per l'opera del Piccolo Principe sia stata troncata nei siti web. Io sono alle prime armi con Internet. Ho ancora difficoltà a comprendere come sia possibile che uno strumento così potente e aperto possa essere limitato dal concetto riduttivo dei diritti d'autore. Ciò che viene pubblicato, pensato, creato (anche su carta) è patrimonio di tutti, di tutto l'universo, dell'intero sistema vivente e pensante.
Mi auguro che tu sia comunque riuscito a trovare altre possibilità divulgative su internet di questa bellissima metafora.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998 - 16:57:16 :
Messagge from Juan Moller at juan[at]

I hate their answere.
Copiright laws bla, bla, bla (bah! grown-ups)
If you can sendme an electronic version via e-mail I wont tell them. I have a hard copy but I want to have an electronic versión.
Thankyou any way for trying, but I think you shoulden't ask the next time you publish it. The little prince was written to us. Lets share it to the whole world. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998 - 20:21:52 :
Messagge from Jacqui Phillips at jmphllps[at]

I am trying to find a suitable picture of the little prince to have tattood on my back. It will be my very first tattoo and I need help finding pictures! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday, November 29, 1998 - 15:12:47 :
Messagge from davide at fiore_1[at]

sono molto dispiaciuto che hai dovuto levare le parti dal webma ti devo chiedere un favore:non potresti mandarmi la parte del dialogo con la volpe?te ne sarei infinitamente grato.grazie mille.
can someone send me the part with the dialogue of the fox?thanks very much